Math 4121a/9021a -- General Topology

a torus

Instructor Graham Denham
Office hours To be announced
Class times Tuesday, Thursday 1:00-2:20pm
Class location MC 108
Textbook General Topology, Stephen Willard (Dover edition).
Prerequisites Mathematics 3122A/B or permission of instructor.
Midterm: Solutions
Final exam December 10th, 2-5pm, MC 108; alternate December 16th, 7-10pm, SH 3307
Evaluation 40% Final exam; 30% midterm; 30% homework


The first day of class will be September 9th!  The time and location will be determined at the Math scheduling meeting: 10am, MC 107, Thursday September 4th.  It may be possible to take the course without the usual Metric Space Topology prerequisite, depending on your circumstances.


What's happening?


Topology: beginning with the notions of open and closed sets and continuous functions familiar from analysis, we develop the general theory.  This allows us a very flexible notion of what a "space" is, compatible with constructions like cartesian products, quotients and subspaces.  We find the tools to deal with the notion of continuity throughout mathematics.  However, some of our old friends, like convergent sequences, may no longer behave as we expect, so we are led to consider a range of possible niceness conditions.  At the end of the course, we consider connectedness and the natural progression to algebraic topology.

Topics include:


Individual assignments are posted here; please note that late assignments will not be accepted. 


Midterm Solutions.