Math 9163a -- Convex Geometry

Instructor Graham Denham
Office hours by appointment
Class times MWF 10:30-11:20
Class location by Zoom

Class times

The class will meet online using Zoom:

Office hours will take place by Zoom as well, by appointment.


The textbook A Course in Convexity (Alexander Barvinok) is available in an electronic edition (on sale!).  The classic Convex Bodies: The Brunn-Minkowski Theory (Rolf Schneider) supplements some of the topics.


This is an introductory course -- the prerequisites are undergraduate-level analysis, topology, and linear algebra.  Convex geometry is closely tied to applications in optimization; however, it is remarkable for its applications in other areas of mathematics, from combinatorics to algebraic geometry.  Topics will include


Evaluation will be based on class participation (10%); homework assignments (50%); a final exam (40%). 

The final, oral exam will also take place by Zoom.

Please see the class OWL site for announcements, assignments, and more materials.

Remote teaching requirements

Since this course will be taught remotely, students will be expected to have