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I have been part of the math department at the University of Western Ontario since 2002.  I received my PhD at the University of Michigan in 1999. In 2018-19, I am the Acting Chair of the Department of Mathematics.


My mathematical interests fit roughly under a heading of algebraic combinatorics.  More precisely, this includes arrangements of hyperplanes and subspaces, combinatorial aspects of rational homotopy theory, and "toric topology."

I have some preprints and publications available here.


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I am a fan of Macaulay 2 (software for commutative algebra and algebraic geometry). Greg Smith and I have written a package for computation with hyperplane arrangements.  It is included with the standard Macaulay 2 distribution (versions ≥ 1.0).

I was on sabbatical from July 2016 -- June 2017: I visited the University of Sydney from January through April, and ALTA at the University of Bremen from May through July.  During my previous sabbatical in 2009--10, I visited the EPFL (Lausanne) from September through November, and the University of Oregon from January through summer 2010.