Differential and combinatorial aspects of singularities

T.U. Kaiserslautern, August 3-7, 2015.

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Practical Information


For your accomodation during the conference, we recommend the

  • B&B Hotel Kaiserslautern, EUR 54 / night, EUR 7,50 / breakfast, free WLAN, free parking. This hotel is located near the station from where there is a regular bus connection to campus. The hotel is in walking distance to the city center, with pubs and restaurants. The Barbarossa bakery in front of the station offers various breakfast options. For invited speakers we can take care of the reservation and pay the hotel directly. Other participants are kindly asked to make a reservation themselves. Other hotel options are:
Art-Hotel Lauterbach, EUR 72 / night university rate, breakfast included, located in the city center, parking EUR 11 / night.

Altstadt-Hotel, EUR 69 / night university rate, breakfast EUR 3,90-8,00, located in the city center, parking EUR 5 / night.

Hotel Barth, EUR 69 / night, breakfast included, located in the city center.

Hotel Zollamt, EUR 92-99 / night, breakfast included, at 15-minute walking distance to campus.

Local Transportation

Station -> Campus:

Go to platform A of bus stop "Hauptbahnhof" in front of the station. Take bus line number "105 Universitätswohnstadt" (departure times xx:21, xx:51) or bus line "115 Universität" (departure times xx:14, xx:34, xx:54). Get off at the bus stop "Uni Ost".

Campus -> Station:

Go to bus stop "Uni Ost" right at the corner of Gottlieb-Daimer and Erwin-Schrödinger street. Take bus line number "105 Gewerbegebiet West" or "115 Stadtmitte" and get off at bus stop "Hauptbahnhof". On the campus map the bus stops are marked by a yellow "H" and clicking the line number next to it leads to the corresponding time table.


The largest nearby airport is Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). From there one can reach Kaiserslautern by train (Deutsche Bahn) or by bus (Meinfernbus). While the bus is cheaper, the risk of a significant delay is lower by train. By train, your departure and destination stations are "Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbahnhof" and "Kaiserslautern Hbf". If you arrive at Terminal 2, take the Skytrain to Terminal 1 and go to Area B. Then follow the signs to long distance trains ("Fernbahnhof"). You do not necessarily need a reservation for the train; tickets can be purchased from machines at the station which accept cash or credit cards. The ticket machine can print your itinerary as well. By buying a ticket online in advance you can profit from special offers. You will typically need to change trains in "Mannheim Hbf". For the bus you need make a reservation online. The bus departs in front of Terminal 2, Area E, 25N-27N. Use the Skytrain to Terminal 2 in case you arrive at Terminal 1.